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Online Therapy

British Columbia, Canada

Text Therapy is a Canadian, online therapy site matching clients with suitable, qualified therapists. We're putting heart & soul into technology one empathic nod at a time.

C$ 150,000


C$ 2,500


Global Pro
22% raised

Logistics, Retail Predict

Quebec, Canada

Enabling the most successful Third Party logistics to the best platform to run their inventory, to track their loads in real time and to prepare their invoicing! And Predict..

C$ 450,000


C$ 20,000


Global Pro
30% raised

DreamScape One

Manitoba, Canada

Focused on our environment and climate issues DreamScape is a vision of the way forward for society based on renewable energy sources, sustainability and carbonless footprint

C$ 5,000,000


C$ 50,000


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C$1 - C$25,000

Richmond, Canada

I started as a Building Manager for a building maintenance company before moving to a role as a Resident Caretaker of a private Strata Corporation. I am now inv...

Areas of Expertise

My main areas of expertise inc

C$10,000 - C$100,000

Embrun, Ontario, Canada

Graduated from Ottawa University in Finance, and have started over 5 different companies throughout my career. I am now CEO of a real estate development compan...

Areas of Expertise

Real Estate, Finance, Entrepre

C$1 - C$250,000

Toronto, Canada

My 25 years of business experience includes sales, marketing and customer management in the consumer packaged goods industry; and more than 15 years Senior Mana...

Areas of Expertise

Sales and Marketing, Strategy,

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