Peter B

Victoria BC, Canada

About Me

This is a husband and wife profile (Peter and Patricia). We hail from Halifax and Charlottetown, respectively (now living in Victoria BC), and have been living in the Middle East and doing extensive travelling for the past 7 years. Aside from both being past entrepreneurs, holding senior roles in international organizations, having MBAs, we are looking for hands on opportunities that fit with our passion to see things grow.

My Areas of Expertise

I come from an industrial background of LNG/LPG, Marine Engineering and bring with me a strong understanding of international culture, after spending the past 8 years living in UAE, Qatar, Iraq and working in Egypt and South Africa. Additional passions include CSR, Social Media, People Services and Entrepreneurship; once the President of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Development in Halifax, NS. My wife ( Patricia deJong) comes from an entrepreneurial family, strong business development, and HR background. Trish has worked internationally for the past 7 years, living in Qatar, UAE, and Iraq.


Your Investment Range
C$10,000 To C$500,000


Pre-Startup/R&D, MVP/Finished Product, Achieving Sales, Breaking Even, Profitable, Other


Education & Training, Medical, Pharma & Health Care, Tourism & Hotels, Sport & Leisure, Personal Services, Transportation, Agriculture, Automotive, Internet, eCommerce & Apps, IT, Hardware & Software, Building Services & Products, Greentech & Environmental, Entertainment & Film, Finance, Business & Law, Security & Defence, Manufacturing, Energy & Mining, Real Estate, Hospitality, Restaurants & Bars, Products & Inventions, Retail, Marketing & Advertising, Fashion & Beauty, Technology, Food & Beverage, Aviation, Media & Publishing, Biotechnology & Life Sciences, Telecom & Mobile


British Columbia



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