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Angel Investment & Venture Capital News

A look at angel investing in Canada

Canada’s top angel investors are on a mission to turn Canada into a hub of innovation by providing the capital for clever start-ups. Because these angels take their missions seriously, angel activity soared in Canada last year. Canadian businesses collectively received angel funding to the tune of $89 million. To put that in perspective, that’s more than the funding provided in both 2011 and 2012 combined - which, by the way, wor...

These companies obtained huge exits without raising much venture capital

Raising big piles of venture capital doesn’t always guarantee success. In fact, it often puts more pressure on entrepreneurs to produce eye-popping returns for their investors. A much more desirable path is to raise a small amount of capital or no capital at all — and then produce a huge return. That keeps more of the ownership (and control) in the hands of the founding team. Here’s a look at 25 of the most capital-efficient co...

Angel Groups in Canada invested over $89 million in 2013

Angel investors in Canada collectively invested over $89 million in Canada in 2013, with groups in Central Canada investing the bulk ($70 million) of that money. Meanwhile, Canadian accelerator programs reported attracting more than $31.1 million in angel money, venture capital (VC) and government funding. The new data comes from the National Angel Capital Organization’s (NACO) report entitled “2013 Report on Angel Investing Acti...

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Business Plans & Pitching

How to Write the Perfect Elevator Pitch in Under 10 Minutes!

THEM: “Hey Brandon… So what is it you actually do?” ME: “Well, I, uh… I invest in real estate… and… um… so… what about you, what do you do?” Ugh. It’s embarrassing just to type that, yet for years that was my answer to the dreaded, “what do you do?” question. I mean, how do I explain what it is I do, and open the door for people to invest with me, without sounding like I’m bragging and begging? It wa...

Swim in the Shark Tank: 7 Ways to Perfect Your Business Pitch

When it comes to crafting the perfect elevator pitch, you can get plenty of sharp insight from watching the popular ABC TV show, Shark Tank, which just finished its fifth season on Friday. These entrepreneurs really have their work cut out for them, from landing a spot on the show to persuading the judges to invest money into their business idea. We all need a good elevator pitch for just about anything we want to promote — work e...

How Aspiring Entrepreneurs Can Stand Above the Crowd

As a mentor to startups and new entrepreneurs, I continue to hear the refrain that business plans are no longer required for a new startup, since investors never read them anyway. People cite sources like this BusinessWeek story last year "Real Entrepreneurs Don't Write Business Plans," or even my own article a while back, "10 Reasons Not To Write A Business Plan First." Let me be clear - business plans are never "required," they sho...

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Fund Raising

Landing Angel investors: What they want to hear

You're in a room with a group of impatient executives. They'll be deciding whether your startup company gets to run and prove itself, or slips back into the shadows. You have 20 minutes for a chance at hundreds of thousands, or a million in capital. If this is your third startup, then the first two were probably successful and you have already met half the requirements of Angel investors: a winning track record. If this is your first...

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Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship

4 reasons bootstrapping can be smarter than raising capital

Virtually the only startups that get serious press are the ones that raise large rounds. As entertaining as it is to follow the rock-star fundraisers, what about the founders who bootstrap their way to success? This article is not a dig on people who raise money for their venture; it is also not meant to say that bootstrapping is definitely better than raising capital. Instead, these are four arguments for why not taking on early inv...

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